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In the last few days, I suddenly seem to be receiving multiple opportunities to review personal development material, which is great because that is what I love. Since the objective of this site is to inform you about these things, here goes.


I have just read one book called Outrageous Mastery. I had not heard of it before although it has been around since 2006 and is apparently very successful. It has been read in over 90 countries and gets some rave reviews.



This is not really going to be one of them. It does have something going for it but I also have issues with it. It tells the personal story of a woman who is now known as Sasha Xarrian. (That is explained in the book).


It is both the story of her own personal triumph over many adversities and a sort of fantasy tale, designed to put across her message that we all have access to powers that are beyond our own human limitations.


Sasha Xarrian

The these two elements are intertwined through the 140 pages of the book. Her goal is to teach us all to use these powers in the way that she has learned to, in order to create the lives that we desire.


Her own story concerns being a member of the Mormon church and being brought up in absolute certainty of the rightness of her beliefs. Her whole life revolved around the church, her extended family and the community.


Circumstances led to her having to leave the church her husband and her support group and bring up 6 children alone. Having been secure in her position as wife and mother, she suddenly found herself needing to find a new home for her family and a way to feed them, having never had a job before.


The many challenges she faced over a period of years would have stopped most of us in our tracks. But she came through it all to create an enviable lifestyle. The other thread of the book is how she believes it was possible.


She has her own theory, which you are not really required to believe, about a sort of pre-life in preparation for this life. When we are born into this life, we lose access to great powers that we were aware of in this pre-life.


She becomes the subject of an experiment by a group of people in this other existence in which they try to communicate with her on earth and help her to learn about the powers that we can all access.


As I say, it is not necessary to believe this, only to admit the possibility that we can tap into sources of power that can help us to achieve whatever goals we set ourselves. This has nothing to do with any religious beliefs.


Sasha herself questioned whether the ‘miracles’ she experienced whilst in the Mormon church were due to that. What if it were true that the Mormons were the chosen people and she had cut herself off from this power?


Through her own experimentation, she came to the conclusion that this was not the case. She went on to write a trilogy of books to help others to use her methods to create the life of their dreams.


She has developed a technique that she calls her ‘Moment of Outrageous Mastery’. This is a short ritual, which you can learn to use yourself, to prepare to face any challenge and overcome it.


This is where I have a problem with the book. I would love to able to tell you something about this, but I can’t. The book is an interesting read and an inspiring story, but it is just preparing the ground.


If you want to learn the practical techniques of Outrageous Mastery, you have to buy the next two books. If there had been any clue as to what is involved, I might have been tempted. But personally, this book didn’t give me enough information to know if the purchase would be worthwhile.


As usual, her website has dozens of glowing testimonials for this process from people who have apparently found it useful. I would have preferred to have more in the first book to base my own judgment on.



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  1. Texan says:

    How do I contact you privately?

  2. Kathy says:

    I purchased a one time deal for 27.95 and have gotten 17.95 taken out of my bank account for the last 3 months. I have tried to call the phone # that shows up on my account, of course it doesn’t work. No response to emails, and no where to contact her. Keep your money. No wonder she makes money to infinity. She takes it out of your bank account month after month and gives back nothing. I will find her, even if i have to go through legal channels. Buyer beware.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I urge every single person out there to stay far, far away from the useless garbage and money stealing scamster known as “Sasha Xarrian” or “Outrageous Mastery” – there’s not a “secret” in her books or audio, just the ranting “poor me” story of getting a divorce and becoming “stronger” through tax evasion. Her products are worthless.

    • Rich says:

      I have been accused by the people at Outrageous Mastery of only allowing negative comments about them. I have pointed out to them that I have published positive views but there just aren’t many of them. Would you like to give more details of your experiences with them?

  4. anonymous says:

    thank you for the review. I appreciate some self help books, but people that purport using God to get earthly riches are not praying to our heavenly father. Jesus Christ said in the sermon on the mount “stop storing up treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume” Matt 6:19-21. Interesting to note that “Sasha” believes she’s lived before and is an “ancient soul”. Sasha may have left the Mormon church, but her core beliefs are still Mormon. Mormons believe they were angels that have come to earth, they are suppose to struggle to gain life in heaven, except if you’re born black and you are not in the best class in heaven.

    • Rich says:

      Thank You for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.

      I am not a religious person. I believe in a higher power that we have access to but I don’t refer to it as God. I think everybody should go with what works for them.

      I have read a lot of self help authors but I don’t “follow” any of them. Some of their ideas I agree with and others I don’t. What I don’t agree with, I discard. This idea of a pre-life is something I can’t believe in and don’t find helpful.

      Your bible quote suggests that you believe wealth is bad. Does your god really want people to be poor? The “love of” money is the root of all evil, not the money itself.

      Several people that I respect have said the same thing about wealth. The more they have developed the ability to acquire things, the more they realize that the things don’t matter. The real prize is the growing process you go through in order to get the wealth. And it does give you the opportunity to make more of a difference in the lives of others.


  5. Dave says:

    Ian, thanks for the tip. I HATE when someone supposedly is doing something “for others” and then baits people either into a recurring website charge or into buying not one but three books. Screw you Sasha Xarrian. If she can manifest anything she wants, why is she screwing people over? or squeezing them for every penny? how about writing a book and selling it for the cost it took you to publish it? which would be nothing if it were released as an ebook. check out the beginning of her promo page

    “I have lived my life for you!

    Let me explain by briefly sharing my story with you.

    Would you believe me if I told you that as a young woman in my twenties, with five children and one on the way, I took our family from poverty to wealth in about four months?

    And I wasn’t even working. We actually went from a little three bedroom home to an 8,000 square foot mansion with nine bedrooms and three living rooms.”

    okay, so she can manifest anything she wants. well then why does she need our money? why not help others just because? (gasp!!) just so annoying. it just screams “scam”. Very hard to believe someone’s words when they are simultaneously reaching into your pocket to pluck out your heard earned money.

    • Rich says:

      I agree about the forced continuity thing although I am not sure what program Ian was referring to. I know that when I bought Mastery Mindfuse there was a monthly membership attached to it. It was clearly visible on the checkout page and I just unchecked the box and took myself out of it. Even so, I still think it is totally wrong to put you into something and make you opt out. If the thing has value, explain it and let people decide for themselves.

      As for the rest of your rant, it is nonsense.

      Do you really believe that this woman can produce money out of thin air? Do you think that if she can, she should hand some of it over to you? Why?

      Bill Harris, somebody else that I follow, says that the only reason somebody would give you money is if you give them something they want more than the money. That is what Sasha Xarrian is doing. She is trying to provide products that are of value to people and worth more to them than what they pay.

      It doesn’t always work. Mastery Mindfuse was garbage and she was forced to abandon it. Her other work can’t be as bad or she wouldn’t be able to continue to sell it and make a living.

      As for ‘baiting’ people to buy books, what does that even mean? I bought the first Outrageous Mastery book. That was my choice. It didn’t convince me that it was worthwhile to buy the other two books. Again, that was my choice.

      It is up to you whether to buy something and if you don’t like it, you can always ask for a refund. I think you need to start taking responsibility for your own decisions.

      As for Sasha Xarrian, I don’t believe that she is a criminal or con artist. I just don’t buy anything from her anymore. Easy isn’t it.

  6. Ian says:

    Be careful not to get caught with a $17.00 website charge trickling out of your account every month. Google her before purchasing anything from her.